General Information

Intraoperative Radiotherapy

Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) of the breast is a form of breast irradiation that is administered as a single treatment at the time of lumpectomy.  IORT is considered a practical and safe alternative to standard external beam breast radiation therapy normally given as a 4-6 week course of daily radiation treatments after lumpectomy.  As a result, IORT makes breast conservation and breast radiotherapy a far more practical and convenient treatment option for women undergoing lumpectomy.

Traditional radiation therapy involves treating the entire breast from the "outside-in", carefully directing the radiation therapy to the breast rather than the surrounding tissues. The proximity of the heart and lungs and skin limit the dose of radiation that can be given at any one time, leading to a prolonged treatment course.  IORT targets the dose from the "inside-out"at the time of surgery, precisely where it is needed, allowing a much higher dose to be given at one time, avoiding the skin and vital adjacent organs.

Targeted Intraoperative RadioTherapy (TARGIT) is the method of administering intraoperative radiotherapy using the Intrabeam System.  Although several approaches to IORT are available, the TARGIT method using the Intrabeam System is the only method of Intraoperative Radiotherapy used in the United States that has been proven to be as effective as standard radiation therapy