The TARGIT Collaborative Group (TCG) is a cooperative effort between radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons, physicists and other experts in intraoperative radiotherapy that share a common commitment to improving cancer patient care through education, patient advocacy, mentorship, and collaborative research.

TARGIT Collaborative Group

Thank you to those that participated in the 2020 Annual Conference.
Please check back soon for information on our 2021 Annual Conference.

Conference Keynote: TARGIT-A Update

Join us in New Orleans as we hear from Dr. Jayant Vaidya on the TARGIT-A Update.  He will also be sharing updates on TARGIT-B.


Additional Speakers include:

Dr. Michael Alvarado

Dr. Sudha Amarnath

Dr. Patrik Brodin

Dr. Samuel Chao

Dr. Eileen Connolly

Dr. Maged Ghaly

Dr. Frank Giordano

Dr. Sebastien Gros

Dr. Sadia Kahn

Dr. Rakesh Patel

Dr. Anil Sethi

Dr. Frederik Wenz

 CLICK HERE for the full program.