The TARGIT Collaborative Group (TCG) is a cooperative effort between radiation oncologists, cancer surgeons, physicists and other experts in intraoperative radiotherapy that share a common commitment to improving cancer patient care through education, patient advocacy, mentorship, and collaborative research.

TARGIT Collaborative Group

The TARGIT Collaborative Group website is for health care professionals and professional members of the TARGIT Collaborative Group. Non-healthcare providers seeking general information about TARGIT-IORT single-dose treatment for breast cancer, please visit

The ASTRO Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) 2023 Guideline has NOT CHANGED for TARGIT-IORT.

CMS (MediCare) continues to reimburse TARGIT-IORT as do many insurance companies.

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Single-Dose Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer Removes Treatment Barriers for Underserved Black Women

TARGIT-A Press Release

Recently Published Study Shows Effective Treatment for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

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